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Enjoy Alight's new interactive entertainment experience. In addition to great reading selections, our site now offers audio, video and other exciting features, with more to come!
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A Brutal Massacre Invokes a Malignant Curse...

An Ancient Entity is Resurrected to Collect its Due...

A Young Woman Makes a Discovery that Places her Soul in the Balance between Heaven and Hell.

THE AWAKENING: Book 1 of the exciting DARK LEGACY trilogy by new author Joyce Torme.
A Desdly Conspiracy...

From: The Awakening. Dark Legacy Tales of the Forbidden Fiction Series Book I.
An Ancient Woman on a Quest for Vengeance... 

From Book I: The Awakening. Dark Legacy Tales of the Forbidden Fiction Series.
A Warrior Emerges...

From Book I: The Awakening. Dark Legacy Tales of the Forbidden Fiction Series.
Coming Soon...
New DARK LEGACY Series from Joyce Torme!
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